Friday, April 09, 2010

A Picture Reluctant to Upload

January 30, 2010 A view from my old room.

Crumpled Receipt Paper, Apple Cores, and Sand

So while emptying out my purse mid West coast roadtrip I came across more scribbled notes of overheard word botching. Preposterous! And there's just as many lost with all the bottle tops and used tissues...

     frenemies... a.k.a. 'on again off again' or small dose friends a business that is basically trying to promote the same business model, but is actually in direct competition for the same market (as it was explained to me) a bib for those with too much class to wear one, only to be used with the application of hot sauce!

     jointilleria... a rolling factory!   

the best overheard...  "What does it mean to ruminate?"  I know: "It means to have a roommate!"

Brainwaves: "True, it may seem like a stretch, but it's thoughts like this that catch my troubled head when you're away when I am missing you to death"
 the postal service

Airwaves: "Hypocrite, opportunist, don't infect me with your poison, a bully in a china shop, when I turn 'round you stay frozen to the spot"

A Post from 2 Months Ago

 So it was brought to my attention that there could be a competition called the decapithon...including, biking, swimming, and running, until your head falls off.  Or maybe this is the one where you ski until near collapse, and then use a bow to shoot an apple off your competitor's head.  Think I should check my facts on this one. 

 brainwaves: "in your eyes I see the eyes of somebody I knew before long long long ago but I'm still trying to make my mind up am I free or am I tied up"
 miike snow

 airwaves:  "my parents think my robot's trouble
oooh i only wanted a best friend
i only wanted someone that i could trust yeah"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Retrieve the Sleeve

     Overheard: "Waltar" as referring to "altar" + "wall".  As in, "the wall and altar meet behind the preacher's head, forming a waltar".  Hmmm...

Also, "ankler", being "ankle" + "anchor".  Why an anchor to anchor your ankle, of course!  Don't you anchor your ankle?

"Regerminate", presumably like "regenerate" and "germinate".  A sort of recycling of seeds...

Brainwaves: "Cucumbersome" like carrying these groceries in totebags sure is cucumbersome."

Airwaves:  "i'm a man now (a real man)
not the one who went to two colleges
grovellin' over meal plans
i'm starin' at the ceiling fan
all wide-eyed
amazed by the ways the blades break the silence"

sage francis

Friday, December 04, 2009

Dire Economic Circumstances

So I am contemplating the Freudian slip which cause some newswriter to pair these words, only to be read aloud, to sound very much like the diuretic situation which is the current economy...

Others... rope and loop combine to make a "roop"'s up to you what to do with it.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It was my birthday, so matter was created, then destroyed

Andy Warhol, David Bowie, Truman Capote

By the way, these guys heads were skinned, steamed, and made into a delectable pie.  World's cutest cannibalism.

Truman Capote

Pop Princess Pumpkins

Frumpled Time Capsule

Tonight a dear friend told me about looking at a high school class picture.  She described one of her peers as a junkie who looked "frumpled" in the photo.  I laughed and suggested that this was both frumpy and rumpled.  Apparently so... the high school chat led to looking at old photos, which led to me opening a time capsule that I created in 1998 with the intention of opening on my 21st birthday.  Now I need to contact the individuals who made predictions about their futures as part if the time capsule.  And perhaps create another with current friends for when I'm like, 30. !  I will try to include some of the responses.  It seemed that many of them included specific types of vehicles as a part of our futures...  though I still don't know anyone who owns a "Carvet"!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So if you can say, "Oh fiddlesticks", can you also say "Oh drumbows"? It's basically the same thing, isn't it?  If you could greet someone, "Hey honey" could you also say "Hey molasses"? Just doesn't have the same ring... how about "What's wrong, sorghum syrup?" instead of "what's the matter, sugar?".  I love wordbotchers.


     The focus of my brain (in a subconscious state) has been to combine words and suggest to my rational thought processes that these are actually words.  For example, I woke up one morning dreaming of the word "plantsuit"  When used in a sentence,  "The dress code was the very antithesis of appropriate business dress.  She was wearing a plantsuit."  Ambidextrocity is, of course, by very circular definition, "the atrocity of being ambidextrous".  I once told someone that "I like rainbows and dinosauruses", the latter being a generic term for any creature from allosaurus to triceratops.  Once, some other friends and I sat around inventing words out of sticky letters.  Funktional, scromple, and bohemenial were from that bunch, along with many other since lost.  Funky (as in hip, not grimy) + functional, scramble + romp, and bohemian +menial.
     So the most humorous part for me is I overheard a man, (who channeled Danny Devito in 'Matilda') at the bus station say to another man, "Well now I don't mean to be bragadocious, or have an ego ya know...".  Well, now, I have heard of precocious, and also audacious, but never have I ever heard this one.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I hope this works!

An attempt to post some profile information has been made. I'm not sure if anything is going to happen though.

Full force into the digital age...

Such excitement abounds! Twenty years old, finally making a stab at having a electronic-media say for myself. Why ever haven't I done this before, you ask? I am admittedly computer illiterate. Not really by choice, mainly the lack of hours to tinker the neccessary clicks, scrolls, and blatantly empty fields. All this shall change, though be forewarned techno-savvy individuals. You'll be sorely dissappointed on a quest for anything on the cutting edge of graphic advances. Remember, I'm so painfully antiquated that typing progresses at a dirge-like pace and I actually prefer the romanticism of handwritten pages. So bear with me, you will know I have become entirely capable in my surroundings when I actually finnaggle a way to post with my handwriting as a font!