Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Retrieve the Sleeve

     Overheard: "Waltar" as referring to "altar" + "wall".  As in, "the wall and altar meet behind the preacher's head, forming a waltar".  Hmmm...

Also, "ankler", being "ankle" + "anchor".  Why an anchor to anchor your ankle, of course!  Don't you anchor your ankle?

"Regerminate", presumably like "regenerate" and "germinate".  A sort of recycling of seeds...

Brainwaves: "Cucumbersome" like carrying these groceries in totebags sure is cucumbersome."

Airwaves:  "i'm a man now (a real man)
not the one who went to two colleges
grovellin' over meal plans
i'm starin' at the ceiling fan
all wide-eyed
amazed by the ways the blades break the silence"

sage francis


Blogger Christopher said...

Regerminate. In case the plant did not grow the first time the seed was planted.

8:32 PM  

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