Sunday, August 27, 2006

Full force into the digital age...

Such excitement abounds! Twenty years old, finally making a stab at having a electronic-media say for myself. Why ever haven't I done this before, you ask? I am admittedly computer illiterate. Not really by choice, mainly the lack of hours to tinker the neccessary clicks, scrolls, and blatantly empty fields. All this shall change, though be forewarned techno-savvy individuals. You'll be sorely dissappointed on a quest for anything on the cutting edge of graphic advances. Remember, I'm so painfully antiquated that typing progresses at a dirge-like pace and I actually prefer the romanticism of handwritten pages. So bear with me, you will know I have become entirely capable in my surroundings when I actually finnaggle a way to post with my handwriting as a font!


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