Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Frumpled Time Capsule

Tonight a dear friend told me about looking at a high school class picture.  She described one of her peers as a junkie who looked "frumpled" in the photo.  I laughed and suggested that this was both frumpy and rumpled.  Apparently so... the high school chat led to looking at old photos, which led to me opening a time capsule that I created in 1998 with the intention of opening on my 21st birthday.  Now I need to contact the individuals who made predictions about their futures as part if the time capsule.  And perhaps create another with current friends for when I'm like, 30. !  I will try to include some of the responses.  It seemed that many of them included specific types of vehicles as a part of our futures...  though I still don't know anyone who owns a "Carvet"!


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