Tuesday, November 24, 2009


     The focus of my brain (in a subconscious state) has been to combine words and suggest to my rational thought processes that these are actually words.  For example, I woke up one morning dreaming of the word "plantsuit"  When used in a sentence,  "The dress code was the very antithesis of appropriate business dress.  She was wearing a plantsuit."  Ambidextrocity is, of course, by very circular definition, "the atrocity of being ambidextrous".  I once told someone that "I like rainbows and dinosauruses", the latter being a generic term for any creature from allosaurus to triceratops.  Once, some other friends and I sat around inventing words out of sticky letters.  Funktional, scromple, and bohemenial were from that bunch, along with many other since lost.  Funky (as in hip, not grimy) + functional, scramble + romp, and bohemian +menial.
     So the most humorous part for me is I overheard a man, (who channeled Danny Devito in 'Matilda') at the bus station say to another man, "Well now I don't mean to be bragadocious, or have an ego ya know...".  Well, now, I have heard of precocious, and also audacious, but never have I ever heard this one.


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