Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So if you can say, "Oh fiddlesticks", can you also say "Oh drumbows"? It's basically the same thing, isn't it?  If you could greet someone, "Hey honey" could you also say "Hey molasses"? Just doesn't have the same ring... how about "What's wrong, sorghum syrup?" instead of "what's the matter, sugar?".  I love wordbotchers.


     The focus of my brain (in a subconscious state) has been to combine words and suggest to my rational thought processes that these are actually words.  For example, I woke up one morning dreaming of the word "plantsuit"  When used in a sentence,  "The dress code was the very antithesis of appropriate business dress.  She was wearing a plantsuit."  Ambidextrocity is, of course, by very circular definition, "the atrocity of being ambidextrous".  I once told someone that "I like rainbows and dinosauruses", the latter being a generic term for any creature from allosaurus to triceratops.  Once, some other friends and I sat around inventing words out of sticky letters.  Funktional, scromple, and bohemenial were from that bunch, along with many other since lost.  Funky (as in hip, not grimy) + functional, scramble + romp, and bohemian +menial.
     So the most humorous part for me is I overheard a man, (who channeled Danny Devito in 'Matilda') at the bus station say to another man, "Well now I don't mean to be bragadocious, or have an ego ya know...".  Well, now, I have heard of precocious, and also audacious, but never have I ever heard this one.